Wee People Nursery School
Wee People Nursery School



Wee People Nursery School is located at 2248 Walworth-Marion Road. It is near the 4 corners in the village of Walworth across the street from the Post Office. It is centrally located for easy access to the surrounding communities.

Wee People is under the ownership of Missy Rice and Diana Marino. Missy is an Occupational Therapist (and also owner of “Breaking Boundaries”) who provides support services for children birth - 5 in Wayne County. Her background in OT will has been advantageous to our program. Missy is able to share her knowledge in her area of expertise with our teachers and students. Developmental milestones are learned daily throughout the structure and set-up of the program.

Diana has 20 years of experience working with preschoolers. She is the previous owner of American Gymnastic/Gym-Care Nursery School in Bedford Hills, NY. She ran classes for children from the age of 2 - school age. Her experience is very helpful in overseeing Wee People.

We will provide repeated opportunities for your child to discover and explore his/her environment, to develop socialization skills and to be challenged academically. The children will be exposed to a wide variety of hands-on and developmentally appropriate experiences. These experiences will be interrelated with various topics and themes which will be covered throughout the year. Continuity and consistency are an important part of our curriculum. Our program has been coordinated with the area kindergartens in an effort to make the transition from nursery school to kindergarten successful.

Class size will be limited to allow us to develop an individualized program to foster positive relationships with peers and provide many opportunities for interaction between the teachers and children.


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