Wee People Nursery School
Wee People Nursery School

Listed below are some of the activities your child will have the opportunity to participate in throughout the day.

Free play - Free play will stimulate interaction with peers in activities that will encourage discovery, reasoning and decision making. Children may choose from the following areas: block building, puzzles, games, activities within the housekeeping area, rice and water play, dress up clothes, art and listening centers, discovery table, dramatic play centers and gross motor area.

Language development - Dramatic play, oral expression and vocabulary development will be reinforced through the use of puppets, flannel board stories, storytelling, children’s literature, “Show & Tell” and “Circle Time”.

Reading Readiness - Activities will include development of auditory and visual skills, following directions, opposites, rhyming, parquetry, ABC letter and sound recognition, writing their names, shapes and colors, etc.

Math Readiness - Number recognition 1-10+, sorting, rote counting 1 - 50, unifix cubes, patterning and basic mathematical concepts will be stressed.

Fine Motor/Visual Motor skills - Activities to promote the use of tools, markers, crayons, pencils, scissors. Activities to promote the development of refined hand skills, bilateral hand use, hand dominance and fasteners skills. Promoting age appropriate scissor tasks and pre-writing tasks.

Art - Activities will be designed to stimulate your child’s artistic and creative abilities through the use of various materials. Children will have experiences in coloring, cutting, gluing, playdoh, wood pieces, salt dough and other mediums.

Music and Rhythm - Children will experience music through dance, rhythm, movement, instruments along with songs and fingerplays.

Large and Small Development - Active games, movement, exercise and use of gross motor equipment will help develop large muscles.

Science - Children will be exposed to basic scientific concepts such as plant and animal life, weather, magnets, space, growing, senses, insects, dinosaurs and problem solving skills through hands-on experience and observation.

Field trips - Field trips will provide the children with the opportunity to visit exciting places offering them first-hand experiences to reinforce what has been taught in the classroom.

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